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Culture of Giving

We started as a place to connect for the benefit of our peers and we continue to focus on helping each other win.

Tightly Curated & Spam Free

We approve new members & posts daily, keeping out promotions and gossip, so 100% of the conversations are productive.

Focused on Real Relationships

We don't believe in collecting business cards; we believe in creating lasting connections with each other.

Diverse Perspectives

Not restricted to one genre or point of view; we have members from different cultures and backgrounds all over the globe. 

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"I wanted a place where I could feel connected, supported and at ease while I grew my career. That's why I created Music Launch Hub and why I think you're going to love this place too." 

- Steve Palfreyman; Founder

This Community Actually Wants You to Succeed.

Growing a career in music is a total rollercoaster ride. The Music Launch Hub exists to make the journey a little less lonely and a lot more productive.

Connect with likeminded musicians & professionals from around the globe.

Get your most burning questions answered by the brains trust.

Take part in our community-minded rituals that level-up your skillsets.

Become part of a global movement to re-shape the future of music.

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